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What is life insurance?

Life insurance policies help provide security to either you or your beneficiaries after you pass away or after a designated period of time. With a life insurance policy, you can help secure your family’s financial future by paying for college, paying off a mortgage, covering any final expenses or estate taxes, and more.

Types of life insurance

There are two main types of life insurance: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance simply covers you for a specified amount of time (10-, 20- and 30-year policies being the most common). Permanent life insurance can be broken down into three types: universal, whole and variable. You can use this tool to get a better understanding of which type of life insurance is right for you.

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Travel medical insurance is designed to protect against unforeseen risks or financial losses when traveling. Health and accident insurance for an international trip might be just the peace of mind that you are looking for. These types of coverages offer benefits such as 24/7 phone, Web and mobile telemedicine support. Medical, evacuation and Rx benefits are some of the key features of these policies .

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